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Information about Non-Violentiam services, Mission and Values.

Mother and Baby on Floor


We provide housing that aims to provide a welcoming and relaxing environment, which is achieved through collaboration between staff and tenants.

The support staff is committed to allowing tenants to make their own decisions, promoting independence, and providing friendly, confidential advice.

Empathy, understanding, unconditional positive regard, and respect for all are also values we hold dear and actively promote.

Happy Family


  • To provide approved supported accommodation for pregnant women, women with children or any other vulnerable adult from any walk of life

  • To improve the lives of vulnerable adults by supporting them to live in the community and helping to rebuild their confidence and life skills

  • To provide a safe, secure and dignified environment and living space

  • To understand the needs and views of residents and other stakeholders

  • To deliver excellence across all our activities and services

  • To be trusted by our stakeholders by being open and accountable

  • To grow the company and be able to make distributions for the benefit of the community

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