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Non Violentiam CIC is a not for profit company that was set up to support vulnerable adults and individuals experiencing domestic violence. The company was set up by Mr Peter Lawton, from Birmingham back in 2020.


His vision is to help those vulnerable in society and individuals unfortunately experiencing domestic violence by providing safe and secure housing opportunities. Supporting people to get away from violence and have a better chance at living a fulfilling life.



  • To develop plans that are financially sustainable and value for money

  • Operate as information providers and a conduit to other organisations

  • To operate at high standards of quality through a rigorous application process for housing providers

  • Check Energy Performance Certificates for all properties to help reduce residents’ costs

  • Develop an electronic checklist for approving landlords

  • Ensure Covid safe properties by contracting with Fogging Company to perform sanitisation and adhere to health and safety protocols

  • Health and safety officer to vet properties with access to qualified trade professionals for any remedial work

  • Recruitment of quality support staff with ongoing training

  • Anonymous email for residents and staff to report any complaints direct to managing director

CIC Heads of Operation


Peter Lawton

Managing Director.

Peter is a successful serial entrepreneur who sees an opportunity to raise standards and quality of care in the social housing sector.


George Klokkos BA ACA

Finance Director.

A Chartered Accountant with extensive experience of financial and general management. George has been Managing Director or Finance Director of several companies in a variety of business sectors.

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